The strength and quality of any school is the quality of its staff. The staff set the tone and maintain the overall morale of the school. Standards emanate from the staff not only by what is said but also by what is done.  Children respect and respond to integrity.  Personal conduct, human relations and religious values stand alongside academic competence in making an effective member of the staff.

It is essential that the staff provide the best possible role model in the areas of professional concerns as well as in speech, dress and deportment.    Our students cannot be expected to abide by certain standards unless staff are clearly displaying the values and characteristics we espouse.

Courtesy, care and compassion in our dealings with each other will be reflected in our association with the children.  

At Infant Jesus School we have a very ambitious aspiration to be a LEADing Learning School. In working towards achieving this aspiration we, staff, students and parents participate in the many opportunities available and strive to #ExpectGreatThings of everything we say and do within our school community.

The mantra #ExpectGreatThings both inspires and motivates us in our calling and ensures that we are continually reflecting on how we can make a positive difference, how we can improve our work and how our contributions can benefit our school now and for the future. All members within our community have a common understanding and apply#ExpectGreatThings to their role within the school.

For all children this can relate to the way they interact with their peers, their teachers and their parents. Children can reflect on what they say to each other and how they can share their gifts and talents to help others. It can also relate to how they can continually improve their work from what was their best to even better!! It is a motto that they can us in every aspect of the day to continually grow, develop and improve.

For our staff #ExpectGreatThings is clearly visible in the classes and in the playground where all staff are motivated to make a positive difference through their work. They have positive relationships with all the children and understand how each child learns best. They listen to children, know their interests, what motivates them and what helps them to learn. Staff inspire and motivate children to be positive / optimistic, love learning, love coming to Infant Jesus School and love being a member of the class and the school community. The environment supports children to grow and to flourish as Catholic, nurtured, play-based, contemporary, motivated, life-long, innovative and connected learners and leaders, Staff ensure that all children become independent and successful learners who always strive for excellence. 

Staff continually challenge themselves to plan and provide exciting, meaningful and interesting experiences where children have many opportunities to both consolidate and challenge their knowledge, understandings and skills.

Staff also work collegially to learn from and inspire each other in their work to improve the school. Staff have a crucial role in ensuring that they maintain a consistently enthusiastic approach where they are continually reflecting, learning and improving both in their practice.

For parents and the community #ExpectGreatThings provides a window and a perspective of what is provided by the school for their children and for families. This mantra ensures there is a synergy between that is both tangible and intangible… it is visible in many aspects and can also be felt in the way that we are in our interactions, our partnerships and in our short- and long-term planning. There are so many improvements that are inspired by this approach – when we foster and develop the partnership between the home and the school – great things will happen and our children will flourish.


Join us in the journey and be inspiring!



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