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General Information

The School Day
Classrooms open for children at 8.30am.
Classes begin at 8.45am.
The school day ends at 3.00pm.

Official supervision of children commences as soon as children arrive at school.

All children are supervised after school to 3.20pm. A before and after school care facility is available to all families who require this service from 7.00am and until 6.00pm.

Parents are requested to ensure their children are punctual for classes each day.

Absent Students
To ensure the safety of children, parents are asked to notify the school by 9am if their child is absent. As attendance at school each day is compulsory, a written note must be produced for all absences. A medical certificate must be forwarded on request.

Children may not leave the school premises before the end of the school day without permission from the Principal. If a child needs to be collected early a Sign Out Book is available in the office and a ‘Pass Out’ card must be collected and handed by the parent to the teacher. Medical appointments must be made as far as possible in the child’s own time after school. All parents coming into the school, during the school day must come through the School Office. From 9am, access to the school is only through the school office.

School Playground
All school play equipment is out of bounds to children before and after school.

Parking and Traffic Conditions
All parents are required to be aware of the traffic situation at the school and the need to work together to ensure the safety of the children. Our school is located in a community where particular parking and traffic problems exist.

We have a high proportion of children who are commuted to the school in vehicles and we have a very restricted parking within the area. The school has three pick-up and drop off zones; Russell Street, Peters Place and the School Drive-Through.

Because of these and other difficulties and as the ongoing safety of our children is of primary importance, the following guidelines are provided for your information. Whilst compliance with these rules may at times prove to be a minor inconvenience, it is little price to pay to ensure that our children can arrive and leave school in the safest possible circumstances.

Attendance Register

The Principal is responsible for the accurate recording and rigorous monitoring of the attendance of all students and for implementing appropriate strategies to restore attendance if there are attendance issues.
It is widely recognised that students need to attend school on a regular basis to gain the maximum benefit from schooling in order to optimise their life opportunities.

The School Education Act 1999 requires compulsory aged students, to attend school, or participate in an educational program of a school, on the days on which the school is open for instruction unless an arrangement in writing has been entered into for a student.

Procedures For Recording Attendance

  • Accurate attendance records are kept for each student enrolled at Infant Jesus School. This includes recording attendance at both morning and afternoon sessions for Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Primary students.
  • A continuous attendance by a child of not less than two (2) full hours’ instruction is to be recorded as a half day’s attendance. Students who arrive late, but still meet this requirement are not to be included as a half-day absence.
  • Students who are on an excursion, participating in an off school grounds program or in some other school-approved activity or are not to be counted as absent.
  • Attendance records (eg, attendance registers, class rolls) must be kept indefinitely. The format specified in the front of the Attendance Register is to be followed carefully and finalised at the end of each school term.
  • Absentee notes that are separate from the student’s records are to be kept for two (2) years from the date of receipt and then destroyed. This includes details recorded by the school when a parent provides the school with a verbal reason. If the absentee note is included on a student’s record file, then the note must be kept for 25 years from date of birth.

Monitoring Attendance

  • When a student has been absent from school and an acceptable explanation has been forthcoming, the absence is recorded and no further action is taken.
  • When a student has been absent from school and an acceptable explanation has not been forthcoming, the school will send a written request for an explanation to the student’s family to establish the reasons for non-attendance.
  • Each day parents need to notify the school office prior to 9am if their child will be absent from school for that day.
  • Office staff will contact parents, if notification has not been received of non attendance, prior to 9am.


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