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2019 Issue 03

Parent Teacher Meetings

This year we will continue to use Parent Teacher Online (PTO), a web-based online booking system for Parent Teacher meetings. We know that it will save parents time and is quite easy to use. Using this system, you will be able to book the interview times that suit you best from any internet-connected computer.  A computer will be available in the Library, during school hours, if you do not have internet access at home or elsewhere. A letter is also attached to this newsletter explaining in more detail how to access PTO.

PTO will become active for parents to book appointments from Friday 15 March at 2:00 pm. 

Parents and the broader community play a vital role in supporting successful learning outcomes for our children. Research tells us that the most meaningful partnerships are those where schools, parents, students and the community work together to focus on student learning. Parent and community engagement that is effectively focused on student learning can deliver powerful outcomes.


Year 4 – 6 Swimming Lessons

Congratulations to the Year 4, 5 and 6 for their organisational skills during the swimming lessons at the end of last month.

These lessons only take place once a year and the children are responsible for organising both their swimming ‘gear’, their school sports uniform and what they will eat during breaks between the lessons. They were also responsible for all their own items both at school, on the bus and while they were at Bayswater Waves. It was great to see that there were almost no lost or misplaced items during the four days of lessons demonstrating responsibility and good organisational skills.

Good organisational skills – both in and out of the classroom have a positive effect on learning as they allow children to come up with a plan and follow through to get work done. This skill can be transferred to any aspect of learning and problem solving where they may need to think creatively and laterally to answer a question and delve deeper into their learning.


Parking Around the School

We have often spoken in the newsletter about the importance of being safe in our vehicles in the school pickup and drop off areas.  This week we have not only decided to republish the procedures for parking around the school, but have included a photos of cars not parking in marked parking bays. We need to be extra vigilant and careful around your children as their safety is always our utmost concern.

Parking, around school is always very much at a premium.  Please be patient with the parking situation. We also ask parents to be considerate of others to ensure that traffic flows smoothly. We need to be courteous to our neighbours and follow the No Standing street signs at all times to avoid being issued with fines.

Drive Through

This is for parents who wish to drop off or pick up their child/ren without parking.  Students will be supervised by a staff member to ensure they are collected safely by the child’s parent, or someone who has parental permission, at the end of the school day.  Parents are reminded to be extra vigilant in their cars at this time as children depart the school grounds.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Parents are reminded of the Drop Off and Pick Up procedures for the school day. Following these procedures greatly assists with the safety of all the children.

  • Parents may drive from Peter’s Place into the school ‘drive through’ and drop children off by the entrance to the Hall.
  • Parents then need to drive out into Smith Street.
  • Please note this is ‘One Way’ only. This is also ‘Staff Parking Only’ to ensure that there are no moving vehicles during pick up and drop off.
  • At the school ‘drive through’ there is NO pedestrian traffic.


  • Church Carpark – This is the general Carpark for our parents.
  • The Parent Carpark is designated as parking zone for Three Year Old Kindy, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary parents This is a ‘One Way’ area — parents drive in from Russell Street and out into Lovegrove Way. Permit passes have been given to these parents as they need to park their car and take their children to the classroom.
  • As this area only holds 40 parking spaces, Kindy and Pre-Primary parents should still park at the Church Carpark, along Smith Street or at Peter’s Place.

Administration Carpark
This Car Park cannot be used to drop children off in the morning or pick them up during the afternoon. This again is very dangerous as cars are pulling in and out at all times. Parents may use this Carpark only for office business during the day between 9.30am and 2.00pm.

Parking Around the School – Road Closed Russell Street

From Friday City of Bayswater will be carrying out works to resurface Russell Street. Although most of the work will be carried out after school hours, there will be a reduction in the speed limit around the school and extra care and vigilance will need to be taken.

As always, parking will be a premium and we suggest, where possible, to park at the Infant Jesus Church and walk to school.


Student Residential Address and Other Information Collection

Attached to the Assistant Principal News this week is information regarding the 2019 Student Residential Address and Other Information Collection notice.

This information is given to parents inform them that our school is providing the Australian Government Department of Education and Training with this data. These details are provided every year to inform Commonwealth school education policy, and to help ensure Commonwealth finding arrangements for non-government schools are based on need and are fair and transparent.

Please read the attached documents for further information and responses to frequently asked questions.


NAPLAN Information

Included in this weeks newsletter is information for parents of children in Year Three and Five in regard to the NAPLAN Program for 2019. Please read this information. If you have any questions or concerns about NAPLAN this year please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher to arrange an appropriate interview time.


Code of Conduct

We welcome, encourage and value parent involvement and volunteering as this greatly assists many aspects within the school. For example, helping in the classrooms and on excursions and assisting at whole school events including sports carnivals and special events. It would be very challenging to implement some of these without the enthusiasm and engagement of parents.

In the role of the volunteer within in the school every parent, and volunteer is expected to follow the Code of Conduct. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students. Information relating to the Code of Conduct is presented at the Volunteer Workshop which is compulsory for all who wish to volunteer in our school. This Code applies to staff, students, volunteers, parents and guardians as applicable. The term ‘parents’ includes guardians.

The Code of Conduct includes twelve Conduct Statements the first of which is You Act Safely and Competently.

This conduct statement emphasises individual responsibility and places child safety within a wider ‘safety’ context. This statement also reminds all who enter the school grounds that it is your responsibility to inform yourself about the Code and seek answers if you are unsure about any part of it.

This week we will have included some examples of what Conduct Statement One: You Act Safely and Competently looks like for all people who enter our school community.

Parents Example of Specific Behaviours but not limited to:

  • Parents to be reminded about what is deemed appropriate behaviour on school grounds with students, teachers and other parents.
  • Parents to sign in and out and wear a lanyard whilst on school grounds for the duration of the day/long periods of time.
  • Parents to use Disabled toilets only.
  • When assisting in the classroom parents to work under the direction of the teacher with groups of students, rather than one on one.
  • Parents to sign children out at the office, collect a Permission to Leave Card and give it to the teacher to confirm and document that the child has left the school.
  • Parents think about how their behaviour can impact others


Volunteers Example of Specific Behaviours but not limited to:

  • Volunteers to always be in the line of sight of the teacher at all times.
  • WWC required with the exception of Secondary School Volunteer/Community Service students.
  • Secondary School Volunteer/Community Service students are supervised at all times.
  • All volunteers must sign in and out at the office and wear a clearly visible lanyard indicating that they are a visitor to the school, whilst on the school grounds.
  • Volunteers must consider that their words and actions are under the standards set by the school


Visitors Example of Specific Behaviours but not limited to:

  • All visitors must sign in and out at the Office and be accompanied by a staff member at all times, with the exception of CEWA staff, School Nurse, Therapists, etc.
  • All visitors must wear a clearly visible lanyard indicating that they are a visitor to the school, whilst on the school grounds.
  • Student Teachers are made aware of what is appropriate / inappropriate interaction with students.
  • Visitors must consider their words and actions are under the standards set by the school.


Infant Jesus Concert Band

The Infant Jesus Concert Band is looking for new members! Wind, string and brass instruments as well as piano, bass and percussion are all welcome to join. The Concert Band is a great opportunity to learn how to make music in a group environment and perform regularly at school assemblies and competitions.

Ability to read sheet music is a must.

If you are interested in enrolling your student, please send an expression of interest to, or via phone on 0431 102 501.


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