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Issue 35

Wrapper Free Thursday
We often highlight caring for our school in our conversations at whole school gatherings and in our classes. Caring for our school can mean many things and involves not only ensuring our rooms are kept tidy, but that the school grounds and environment look fantastic… all the time, even with so many of children coming to school each day.

Today it was fantastic to see an initiative of the Year Six Sustainability Ministry – ‘Wrapper Free Thursday’ in action throughout the day. In their planning, the students have been very observant regarding what we can do to look after our environment. They decided that there would be one day every two weeks where we, as a school community, worked together to organise for our food to be brought to school in packaging that would be taken home – the bins would be used only minimally on these days.

At recess and lunch today, the first ‘Wrapper Free Thursday’ was was very successful – children had very little rubbish to place in the bins as they had organised from home to bring food in containers that could be taken home! Thank you to all the parents who supported us by ensuring that food packed for school today was all in containers that could be taken home.

The Sustainability Ministry will be recognising some classes for their efforts at the assembly on Monday morning and will add the winners to the newsletter next week.

The next ‘Wrapper Free Thursday’ is Thursday 29 November 2019. We hope to see even less wrappers on this day!

Click on this link for the Wrapper Free Thursday flyer

Kindness & Generosity of Spirit
At this time of the year we try to make a special effort to think of others – it may be people we know, but also those we don’t know by name. As a school community we try to be aware of the needs of others – especially those in the most immediate area of Perth. We always keep those in need in our prayers, but we also try and help in more practical and sometimes personal ways.

These practical and personal ways that we can assist others are seen in many forms.

At Infant Jesus School:

  • the choir are sharing their gifts and talents with the wider community when they visit a local nursing home later in November to perform for the residents,
  • everyone is invited to collect items for the St Vincent de Paul Society ‘Christmas Appeal’.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal
The St Vincent de Paul Society ‘Christmas Appeal’ is an initiative of the Year Six Pastoral Care Ministry. We were invited to help in a very practical way to collect non-perishable items and bring these to school to support the St Vincent de Paul Society ‘Christmas Appeal.’

The non-perishable goods will to be given to families in our community who don’t have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas. This can be due to financial difficulties, illness, disability, homelessness or isolation. St Vincent de Paul aims to, with our help, collect goods that can be given to these people with the aim of bringing joy to those less fortunate in our community.

Many thanks to everyone who had generously donated to this appeal. If you have more items to donate there is only one more day as St Vincent de Paul will be collecting all the items from school early next week.

Our Pastoral Care Ministry have worked tirelessly to bring this appeal to fruition. Their invitation asking us to assist really endears us to the great work our children do in supporting others.

This semester in the Pastoral Care Ministry, we have requested that children collect items to bring in, to give to the people in need this Christmas. Each year level has been given a specific food group with a variety of items that would be necessary for a special Christmas. Saint Vincent De Paul is a Catholic organisation that funds and provides for those in need.

We hope you will continue to support us this year! 

Year Six End of Year Celebrations
As our Year Six children are coming to the end of their primary school years the following memorable events and traditions will form their final days at Infant Jesus School.

Year Six Dinner Dance
This special evening will be held on Friday 30 November in the School Hall. As has been the tradition, parents leave the children at the school at 6.30pm and return at 8.30pm. This Dinner Dance allows our entire staff to serve the children in a very special way and say farewell to our children.

Graduation Assembly and Thanksgiving Mass
The Graduation Assembly will be held on Friday 7 December commencing at 8.45am in the School Hall. This is a formal gathering of the school community where we honour our Year Six children and wish them well for the future.  At the Assembly, each Year Six child will be presented with their graduation certificate and be given the opportunity to be with the community for one last time. During the Assembly staff and families leaving the school at the conclusion of the 2018 school year are also recognised and acknowledged.

The Thanksgiving Mass is the final celebration for the school year and focuses on giving thanks for the many blessings that everyone in the Infant Jesus School community has received during 2018. The Thanksgiving Mass commences at 11.00am in the Infant Jesus Church.

With semester reports being worked on by our teachers at the moment and then shared with you through SEQTA Engage we are currently communicating with parents to make sure that you are able to successfully log-in to SEQTA Engage.

SEQTA Engage can be either accessed through the web or through an app for both Apple and Android devices. It is important that you remember your log-in details if they are not saved into your device.

If you do not remember your password, you can request a reset email password by clicking on the Forgot your password? Link on the log-in page.

Please note that the emailed link will expire in 1 hour from the time it has been requested.

Sometimes the email may also be found in your Junk/ Spam folder.

To change your password, you do need to know your Username and have provided an email address to the school.

If you have any issues with your account, please do not hesitate to contact the school. Please do not contact SEQTA directly as their policy is that they will refer you back to the school.


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