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Issue 08


The Year Threes have jumped into learning this term and have discovered new information and acquired new skills. As Catholic Learners, the children have learnt about the importance of human life. The students marvelled at how God created human beings so that they can do and enjoy so many things. They created their own representation of their souls and brought them to life by animating them on their iPads. The children explored the Sacrament of Baptism and came to understand that by being baptised they have joined God’s family.

The children have been following Jesus’ journey during Lent and have learnt that, he died so that humans can enter Heaven. They have looked at the similarities between the Last Supper and the Mass and recognise that by washing the Disciples feet he was showing love. The Year Threes have studied Da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper as a resource to further explore and remember the significant role this event has played in our faith. As Leading Learners the Year Threes have been eagerly working alongside the Year Ones preparing to retell the events of Palm Sunday to the school community during Holy Week.

In Mathematics, the Year Threes have been Motivated Learners as they explore the place value of numbers in the thousands. The children have focused on reading and writing numbers and understanding that a digit in one place represents ten times what it represents in the place to its right. These Play-Based Learners had lots of fun learning about coordinates as they mapped the school oval and have become keen bankers as they have studied the Australian monetary system.

During English, the children have read for pleasure and for information. They have enjoyed working in their reading groups where comprehension has been a big focus. It is always a highlight when Mr Hille joins the Nurtured Learners for Reading!

The Year Threes have also become authors as they wrote and published their own narratives. They worked hard to make these stories exciting as they learnt how to use dialogue, onomatopoeia and similes to enhance their texts. When learning about similes they “had” to visit the baby chicks in Kindergarten. They were as soft as clouds!

Most recently, the Year Three classrooms have become a very persuasive place to be as the children have convinced their teachers to let them sit where they want, to be allowed to wear free-dress and to be allowed to come up with many persuasive reasons why they could eat a biscuit! These persuasive writers have been using strong and emotive words to get their point across.

The Year Three Integrated Studies program focuses on linking the children’s knowledge and experiences throughout the learning areas. The children have been busy discovering the importance of community and the role our community plays in our lives. The Constitution Centre visited to teach these Connected Learners about how Australians make democratic decisions in our society and the children learnt that prejudice has no place in our community. They have celebrated some key events that members of our community observe such as the Lunar New Year, Shrove Tuesday and Harmony Day.

Thursdays are an exciting time as the Year Threes are building their own “Digi-Safe Community” in the iLab with Miss Phoebe. Each building in this community will represent a digital citizenship issue and explain how you can prevent this issue from occurring, and what to do if it does occur. These Innovative Learners are also learning to code the Ozobot robots to travel throughout their own “Digi-Safe Community”!

These Contemporary Learners have learnt how to protect themselves in Health and how to listen to their body for cues that will help them know how they are feeling.  In Science they are exploring and discovering the rotation of the Earth and how the sun produces shadows. In Music the Year Threes have been introduced to the instruments of the orchestra and the roles that these instruments have in producing music. During Sport the children have explored the rules and skills of Cricket and have been learning the value of teamwork.

Year Threes are Life-long Learners and can’t wait for the rest of the year to occur!





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