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2019 Issue 10

Sport News
Faction Cross Country Carnival
On Tuesday 2 July, the children from Years 1 – 6 ventured to Lightning Park for their annual Faction Cross Country Carnival.  After some wet and windy weather last week, the sun was finally out! There was not a cloud in sight and we had absolutely perfect conditions for running and the children were extremely excited to demonstrate their skills. Every child tried their best and showed wonderful sportsmanship. Well done to Lima who were the winning faction on the day! I would like to thank the children for the effort they showed, the Infant Jesus School staff for their support, and the parent helpers: Mrs Mammone and Mrs Cruikshank for giving up their time to support our community.

The results for the day were as follows:



Champion Girls & Boys









A special thank you must also go to our Year Six Wellness Ministry. Congratulations on supporting the lower years throughout their races and packing up the race course. Your assistance throughout the day was amazing and helped make the carnival a great success.

Interschool Cross Country Carnival
The Interschool Cross Country Carnival will be held next term.  Children who have been selected for the Carnival will be notified on Friday.

Details are:
Date: Tuesday 30 July 2019 (Week 2)
Venue: Alderbury Reserve, Perry Lakes (near Hockey Clubrooms)

Cross Country training will continue on Wednesday and Friday mornings (8.00am – 8:30am) until the Interschool Carnival. Training is open to all children, not just the Interschool team. If you are a member of the Interschool Squad you are expected to attend training.  

We wish the Interschool Cross-Country Squad well as they represent our school.  Go Infant Jesus!

Year Six Winter Lightning Carnival
On Friday 21 July, our Year Six ventured to Noranda Netball Courts (Netball) and Yokine Reserve (Soccer) to compete in the annual Winter Lightning Carnival. The children had been practising their chosen sport in their Physical Education lessons and were well prepared for the day. Our Year 6’s played their sport with great determination and pride and displayed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the day. A HUGE thank you to all the parents who helped on the day. From coaching to umpiring our parents did a fantastic job in supporting our children, thank you!

Lauren Jenkins

Music News
In Music this term, students have been working very hard across all year levels to extend their learning and musicianship skills in enriching and engaging Kodály based music lessons. In our Music classes, all the aspects of musicianship are touched on in each lesson, engaging students through integrating body movement, singing, and group music-making exercises. The children have really enjoyed the many singing and rhythm games we have played this term. It is always a pleasure to see the joy on students faces during our music making activities. We have consistently focused on our learning of the moveable-do solfege and hand sign system, developing rhythm skills, memory development, singing in unison, parts and canons. Students have enjoyed being involved in active music making, games, improvisation, composition and memory activities based on beat, rhythm, pitch, timbre and form; and listening, moving and responding to a variety of music. The solfa syllables and the moveable-do system have extended students skills in pitch discrimination, notation, intervals, harmony and analysis, particularly in the upper primary years. We look forward to the next semester of music making.

Miss Claire Condipodero – Music Teacher

iPerform News
On Friday 28 June, the Year Three White students, who have all been participating in iPerform classes this term with Miss Condipodero, were given the chance to perform their scripted plays, which they had memorised and rehearsed, for their peers and parents. Congratulations to all of the 3W students for performing so wonderfully! You all put so much hard work, enthusiasm and effort into your plays, it was an absolute joy to see. Thank you to all parents who organised costumes for their children and for supporting the children by attending the performances. Next term, the Year Two students will have the opportunity to participate in iPerform classes and perform at the end of Term Two.

Year Three White Plays:

Charlize, Miranda, Tiana, Allegra, Benjamin, Sam, Olivia, Anton

The Elves and the Shoemaker
Sarah, Luca, Angelo, Leon, Aleah, Felicia, Tessa, Naethan

The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Mack, Julian, Alexander, Francesco, Fletcher

Snow White
Isla, Seraphina, Carmen, Nate, Chloe, Xavier, Finn, Aidan, Kaitlin, Vu

Technologies News
This Term in Technologies, students have been innovative and motivated learners, taking part in various digital and design tasks.

There has been a focus on robotics in Year Three and Year Six with students building on from their coding and programming lessons in Term One. Year Three students progressed from learning the language of code with the Swift Playgrounds App. They have been using colour language to program the Ozobot robots to move in different speeds and directions. Year Six students have been programming Micro:Bits (a tiny computer!) using MakeCode. They even used block code to create a portable music player! In Pre-Primary, students used directional language to move the Bee Bots through different paths. They used their knowledge of street signs to know when to program the Bee Bots to turn, stop and go. Year Four and Five students became animators and filmakers for the term, as they scripted and filmed original animations in Year Four and a Natural Disaster documentary in Year Five. Year One and Two explored the terms, hardware and software and presented their learning with various creation apps. What a busy term in the iLab!

Science and Health News

Year One Science
This term, the Year One children explored Earth and Space Science with a particular focus on ‘Observable Changes that Occur in the Sky. The children began by looking at the Earth and how day and night is made and where the sun rises and sets. Next, we studied the moon and created our own moons to learn about its phases. The children then took these home to share with their parents. Following this, the children explored the weather and seasons and how the changes in these affect us in our daily lives. Finally, we observed the landscape within to help us identify the natural and built environments and the impact this has on us.

Year One Health
In Health, the children have been exploring feelings and emotions and those of their peers. They have learned strategies to deal with these in a variety of situations and have identified how others may be feeling by observing their body language and facial expressions.  The children have been developing strategies to use when help is needed such as people they can trust, safety houses and the Kids Helpline. They have developed the ability to identify situations that require the help of emergency services and have begun to rehearse strategies they can use when they require assistance.

Year Two Health
In Health this term, Year Two’s explored the physical signs that happen to their bodies when they are both in a safe and an unsafe situation. Then they learned how to distinguish between an emergency and non-emergency situation which led to being able to identify what emergency service would be required if an emergency arose. The children watched YouTube videos on how to make emergency calls and practiced making these from a script they had written.  Finally, the children went on to identify ways to deal with emotions and recognise the emotions of others by observing body language and facial expressions.

Year Six Student Ministries
Student Leadership – Semester One
Genuine leadership calls us to serve others in order to create a more peaceful and compassionate world. Leaders strive to embody leadership with love and compassion for the sake of others, themselves and the world. 

Genuine leadership occurs when one leads others relationally with a unified mind, body and spirit. This leadership comes from our bones … from our heart … as much as from our intellect.  This leadership feeds our soul … and the souls of those around us.

Genuine leadership is what St. Francis was talking about when he said, “Preach the gospel at all times. Use words when necessary.”

This term the Year Six students have reflected on their leadership experience and shared some of their thoughts on their time in Student Ministries.

What is being a leader like?
Being a Leader is like being a role-model for younger students and showing them what is right. It means helping them when they need it. It feels good  when you know that younger children look up to you! Chloe Firns

To be a leader is to take charge when something can’t be decided, to be responsible and to do your very best at all times, in all that you do. Emma Cosa

Being a leader is like having even more responsibility because your decisions affect the school. Being a leader is good because it helps to further develop leadership skills. Jacob Wilathgamuwa

Being a leader is when you are a role-model for others. As a leader you are responsible, kind and determined. Leaders need to be willing to help others. Taya Coates

Being a leader means setting an example of the younger children. Leaders don’t expect anything in return. Simon Tran

What have you achieved as a leader at Infant Jesus School so far?
As a leader, I have achieved being a role-model at assemblies and helping out the staff at Infant Jesus School when I they needed. Chloe Firns

As a leader, I have achieved lots of things, such as:

  • Setting an example for children to pick up rubbish, even if it is not theirs.
  • Helping others when they have needed it.
  • Surveyed classrooms to look at ways to improve the school. Simon Tran

In the Sustainability Ministry, I have developed a roster with my team. It states which class is required to clean the Piazza on certain days. I think the roster was successful because we were able to reward classes for their hard work. Aurelia Leach

What would you better if you had your time again? 
I would like to make the environment better if I had time so the school would look better and not have litter around.  Domenic Pugliese 

I would help people and care for people more. Kristy Nguyen

I would like to contribute more into the group discussions and volunteer for activities more often. Joseph Kolarikal

I would put forward more ideas that children would like to have fun with. Andre Lucano 

Where to from here?  What are some goals for me to achieve in my next ministry? 
I would try to help more, to speak more with my group, and try to make people feel more included, as well as making myself a better me. Grace Astone

My goal for my next Ministry is to, of course, try to care for others, to become more of a leader and speak more clearly. Lydia Sammells

I am going to work harder and be more organised.  I really want the best for my next Ministry.  Sophia Tan

I would like to be more organised and on time for meetings, and to participate more.  I also want to do more things to improve the school and put forward more ideas and gather people’s opinions more often.  Lia Mathew

I am going to try to achieve being a better leader, and also to work more as a team with my next Ministry.  Veronica Doudakis


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