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Issue 24

Year Two Class News

This term, the Year Twos are being immersed in a variety of learning experiences to consolidate content and skills.  To further enhance our learning, the Year Two children now have access to an individual iPad.

In Religious Education the children have been exploring the unit ‘Joining in the Lord’s Meal’ (Eucharist).  They have learnt about the names and uses of the vessels they see in church, including the ciborium, chalice and cruets.  They have also read the story of the Last Supper and have recognised there is a relationship between how we celebrate the Mass and the actions of Jesus at his last meal.

On beginning our next unit of work in Religious Education ‘Gathered Together’ (Church), the children will wonder at the human experience of belonging to a family and making connections to Jesus’ family life.  This comparison will lead them to explore ways in which members of Gods family are called by Jesus to love each other as He loves them.

As in previous terms our English learning is divided into three specific areas targeting Reading, Writing and Word Study.

The Year Twos have been learning about the structure of report writing and will soon be focusing on persuasive texts, as well as consolidating their understanding of writing narratives, retells and recounts. The children are also consolidating strategies to assist them with literal and inferential comprehension.  They continue to utilise specific comprehension strategies to consolidate their understanding of a variety of texts, including narratives and information books.

This term in Mathematics dedicated time, the children have explored the concept of multiplication (grouping) and have begun to work on division (sharing).  These include basic number facts as well as problem solving.  Our Wednesday afternoon Mathematics groups are continuing this term.  The current mathematical focus for these groups is the understanding of measuring Time and Chance & Data.

The conceptual focus this term in Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) is exploring the Divisions of the World and Australia’s place within these divisions.   To develop their understanding of locating places on a map the children have learnt about the compass rose, the directions it gives and the three main latitudinal lines on a map.  They will be studying both a map and globe and locating places within the continents.  They will also be researching the unique aspects of the seven continents.

During our Innovation and Technology sessions in the iLab the children are continuing to work with and programme the Dash Robots.  As each child now has access to an individual iPad, they now have a greater opportunity to research and publish their work, therefore enhancing their overall learning.

In Science, Mr Capolingua has lead the children to explore how living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves.  They are studying the growth of living things throughout their life cycle and the unique characteristics at different stages.  The children have also been observing living mealworms and documenting how they change.

In Health, Mrs Limerick is guiding the children to focus on changes in their relationships with friends and families now that they have grown older and the responsibilities they will be entrusted with.  They have observed and discussed changes in their physical appearance now, compared to when they were younger.  They will be investigating the ways health messages are communicated in the media and how they can influence personal choices.

In Physical Education with Miss Witkowski this term, the Year Two children have been preparing for the Faction Athletics Carnival. They have commenced practising their sprints and team games including Circle Ball, Tunnel Ball, Flag Relay and Tug of War.  Each child is encouraged to beat their personal bests. As always, the children continue to develop fundamental movement skills such as kicking and overarm throwing, within co-operative games.

The Year Twos are especially looking forward to their upcoming excursion in early September to the Constable Care Safety School.  The Safety School programme is linked directly to the Health and Physical Education learning area of the Western Australia Curriculum.  The children will learn about road safety and then have the opportunity to apply this knowledge within the fully functioning Safety School layout. This includes working rail crossings, pedestrian crossings, a rail pedestrian maze, a school zone and even functioning traffic lights.

In Music, Miss Condipodero is teaching the children a wide repertoire of songs, music and movement games, for the development of their aural skills, pitch and intonation.  There is also a focus on developing confidence in using their singing voices.

In Italian, Signora Mazzaro is leading the Year Twos to explore the cultural and language aspects of Italy.  They are currently focussing on learning the Italian name for different body parts.

Choir News

Over the past two terms, the Select Choir have been working very hard in preparation for the Catholic Performing Arts Festival, with many extra rehearsal sessions being held in the mornings before school. On Wednesday 8 August and Monday 13 August the children represented Infant Jesus School in the Sacred Choral and Choral Performance sections of the Festival, receiving excellent results and feedback. We were really proud of the way that they carried themselves and performed so beautifully, making their best efforts to remember all that we had worked on in our sessions over the past few terms. It was particularly pleasing with the feedback we received about the Choir’s beautiful vocal tone and round warm sound – something that we have been working hard on in our sessions. It was also an excellent experience for our Choir to see other schools perform and learn from others’ mistakes and triumphs.

Performing before an audience is invaluable for building confidence, performance experience, showcasing students’ talents and hard work, and sharing the wonderful gift of music and the joyous effects of the singing voice! Congratulations to all involved, and a special mention to Victoria Mok, Lilly Jackson and Royce Paskin who performed solo parts in the song “For Good” so beautifully and with great poise. The performance made us all very proud!

Thank you also to Ms Kerry King who gave of her time so willingly to help during extra rehearsals and at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival, and to all the parents who came to support the children.

Miss Claire Condipodero – Music Teacher

Sports News


In preparation for the Infant Jesus School Athletics Carnival on 12 October, we have teamed up with Athletics Australia to run a before school Athletics program. The IAAF Kid’s Athletics Program is designed to develop the fundamental skills of running, jumping and throwing in a fun and engaging way using modified equipment. The four- week program will be available to Pre-Primary to Year Six students. The program will be run on a Wednesday and Friday morning, 7:30-8:30am, starting from Wednesday 22 August. In order to ensure that the program is age appropriate the Wednesday sessions will be open to Pre-Primary to Year Three students, and the Friday sessions will be open to Year Four to Year Six students. There are a limited number of places available for this action-packed program because of the availability of coaches, so please complete the consent form as soon as you can. By completing the form and signing your child up for the program you are committing to your child attending all four sessions. The consent form for this Athletics Program can be found on the Connected App.


Athletics is made up of field events and track events. The track finals will be completed during our Athletics Carnival on the 12 October. The Field events; turbo javelin, shot put, and long jump; are completed throughout the Term during Physical Education. In order to complete the long jump event, students will be transported to the long jump pit at Dianella Regional Open Space. On Tuesday 21 August students will complete their long jump in year level time slots. Please return the consent form as soon as possible.


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