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Year Six Class News

The year Sixes have participated in many fantastic events this term. One of events was Infant Jesus Day which celebrated and showcased their learning. The theme of Infant Jesus Day this year was Past, Present and Future which was evident in some of the activities organised during the open classroom time and reflected some of the Nine Drivers including; Catholic Learners, Leaders as Learners, Play Based Learners and Innovative Learners.

Catholic Learners – connected the Dominican and Carmelite heritage through board games created by the Year Six students.  There were seven board games and some looked similar to Monopoly – only it was Infant Jesus School edition.

Leaders as Learners – children constructed display spaces in different areas of the classroom for the green screen activities with image backgrounds of the past, present and future Infant Jesus School. One area of the classroom was set up with an iPad that had a background of the past, the present and the future of the school.  Children loved showcasing the use of green screen technology.

Play Based Learners – children ran the Basketball game for many children on the day.

Innovative Learners–  children designed a future leavers shirt from a template printed out by Mrs Barclay and Miss Keeffe.

It was a fantastic day for our last Infant Jesus Day.


On 9 August 2018, the Year Six students participated in a Wildcats Basketball clinic led by two players from the NBL. This was an amazing experience that many of the Year Six children enjoyed.  Angus Brandt and Clint Steindl went through some brain testing games and some fun activities that left the Year Six students with smiles on their faces.  We all enjoyed and loved this clinic and we hope to do this again! Go Perth Wildcats!


Throughout Term Three the Year Six children have been learning about motion in Technology sessions. We have been programming and trying to use spheros to pull handmade chariots. We have also learnt how to program the spheros to make shapes, monitor the speed and change colours.

This term, we have been working hard to build our chariots and after constructing them, we had a competition to see whose would go the fastest without breaking our LEGO man on the seat or having him fly out!  Joshua, Nicholas S and Terry won the competition in 6B with a time of 5.42 seconds. Ruben and Oliver won in 6W with a time of 6.2 seconds. Congratulations boys!

Year Three Excursion 


On the 3 September 2018, the Year Threes, some fabulous parent helpers and their teachers walked all the way from Infant Jesus School to the Galleria to visit Woolworths. We passed many roads and enjoyed looking at all the shops as we walked through the Galleria. Massimo guided the way to Woolworths, as he had been there before. When we got to Woolworths, Miss Myles went and told the people we were here. Soon after, a woman in a pink dress came to the doors and told us her name was Claire. She introduced her friend Dionne and then the excursion started.

Our tour guide took us into the loading zone and told us that this is where the huge Woolworths truck come in to be unloaded. Woolworths receives supplies seven days a week! Everyday they get fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and other groceries. Claire showed us the huge squares of crushed cardboard and said they recycle a lot. She also showed us where the old vegetables and fruit go to be composted. Any food or grocery item that can still be eaten is donated to the charity Food Bank.

Soon we went to the fridge room and people enjoyed the cool air in the fridge room. But the freezer room, oh my gosh it was cold! If you looked up you could see ice… on the roof! In the fridge room Woolworths stores soft drinks, milk, yoghurt and other cold items. The freezer was full of ice cream, frozen fruit and frozen pastries. Soon it was time to go out of the freezer room and we saw piles of fresh fruit. Claire explained to us that every week Morley Woolworths sell over 3500kg of bananas alone!

We went outside to the shop floor where we got to touch some bread dough that had been made fresh in store. We met the baker who made the bread every morning. They get to work at 1:30am so we can have fresh bread! Next, it was time to play a fun game where we sorted fruits and vegetables depending upon where they grow! Some fruits and vegetables grew on plants, whilst others grew on vines, trees or in the ground!  Then it was time to make fruit kebabs!! We were given a variety of different fruit to use in our kebabs.There were strawberries, blueberries, grapes, pineapple and rockmelon. Soon after we made the kebabs, we got to eat them and we also demolished the left over fruit that we didn’t use on our kebabs!

Before long, it was now time to head back to school. We said goodbye to Claire and Dionne and they gave us a Woolworths bag and a piece of fruit. We exited the Galleria and boy, it was hot! We spent about twenty minutes walking back to school and everyone was a lot quieter than they had been on the way there. We were tired and full of delicious fruit!

We had a great time walking to Woolworths and loved the excursion. We learnt lots about how food reaches our supermarket shelves.

Grandparents Day Reflections

On Tuesday 4 September over 250 people gathered in the school hall to celebrate the gift of grandparents. This morning touched the lives of so many. We give thanks for the many grandparents who came in and celebrated with us.

I call my grandparents Oma and Opa because they are German. Every weekend I go shopping with my Oma and my Mum. I also have sleepovers with my Oma and Opa. We watch movies, play games and draw pictures together. We also go to the park together. We always have lots of fun. My Opa always goes on big holidays and my Oma goes on little holidays. I miss them very much when they go away, but they always bring me a present back. They are very special to me and I love them.
By Stella

My grandparents are very special to me. I call them Amachy and Apachin because they are from India and that is a very special name for them. I have visited them in India lots of times. They are very kind and useful because they look after me just like my parents do. I like to go walking and looking at shops with my grandparents. I love my grandparents.
By Savio

Health News

Yesterday, September 5, Years 5 and 6 children participated in an incursion delivered by Michelle from St John Ambulance. The incursion focussed on basic first aid principles and the steps to take in the event of an accident.  Michelle introduced the Danger, Response, Send, Airways and Breathing (DRSAB) process that could ultimately safe the life of a casualty.

The children participated in practising their knowledge of this important process by taking turns with their partner to attend to an unconscious person.  There were definitely some students who could become excellent paramedics in the future.


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