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Year Two Class News

Term Four has been a very busy time for all Year Two children, as they continue to be immersed in their learning.

In Religious Education this term we began by focussing on the importance of work in our lives and the gifts that God has given us in order to carry out this work.  We learnt that Jesus worked hard for us because He loves us.  The children discussed that Jesus is our role-model and He has shown us how to carry out God’s work. Our final Religious Education Unit for this year will be Truth of the Gospels and this focusses on our preparation time for Advent and the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

During our English lessons we continue our daily literacy dedicated lessons focusing on Reading, Writing and Word Study.  This term the children will be consolidating their reading with emphasis on understanding at a deeper level. In their writing, the children will review the  structure of a narrative and a persuasive text.   A big emphasis is to support the children to proofread and edit their writing to ensure they fully understand the process of producing a written structure that has meaning and is grammatically correct. There is also a focus on punctuation and spelling in order correctly apply this knowledge.

We began the term in Mathematics by learning about money, identifying it by name and exploring its value, need and use within our lives.  The children have been counting in twos, fives and tens to help with counting money.  We are focussing on identifying different ways to make up an amount using different coins and/or notes.  Addition and subtraction skills are also being used when adding money and working out change when making a purchase.

Our Humanities and Social Sciences conceptual focus this term is our connection to the Asia region, particularly China.  We have explored aspects of our sister school in China and have compared and contrasted school life between our two schools.  We are researching different aspects of China and will use this information to create travel brochures promoting China as a good travel destination.

In Health this term, the students are investigating the ways that ‘Health Messages’ and ‘Health Slogans’ are communicated in the media and how they can influence our personal choices. We have been exploring actions that make the classroom a safe and active place as well as identifying environments in the community where physical activities can take place. Finally, we will recognise the similarities and differences in groups and individuals, and explore how these are celebrated and respected.

In Science we are learning about Chemical Sciences.  We have been studying how different materials can be combined for a particular purpose.  We also explored the local environment to observe a variety of materials and describing ways in which they can be used.  Through experimentation, we have been investigating the effects of mixing materials together and discussing why different parts of everyday objects, such as toys and clothes, are made from different materials.

In STEAM sessions this term, students are working together to retell the Nativity Story using stop motion animation. They have created characters and backgrounds and will edit their animations in iMovie to add voice overs and transitions. The students are looking forward to viewing and sharing their finished production.

In Physical Education the Year Two children have been focussing on the fundamental movement skills of a two-hand strike and kick. Two-hand strike is being explored through T-ball activities and mini games. Kicking and game tactics are being developed through mini soccer activities and games.

In Music, the children continue to build on their aural skills and musical knowledge, learning through singing, movement, song, rhythm and solfa in stimulating and engaging music lessons.  We aim to read music as easily as we read words; to develop a love of music through experience and understanding.

Interschool Athletics Carnival

Last week, our Interschool Athletics Squad made up of selected Year Three – Six children represented our school at the CPSSA Interschool Athletics Carnival. It was a great pleasure to witness the way our children competed against the other schools, but also their sportsmanship on the day. A special mention must be made to the students who took the Infant Jesus School team spirit to the next level and competed in higher divisions.  They showed pride in their school and should be commended for their efforts.

Each child tried their best in their events, with some children taking home place ribbons and achieving personal bests. The day was very exciting as Infant Jesus School started at the top of the leader board and remained a front runner for the whole day. We ended up coming second by only 75 points. Well done to all of our athletes.

Boys Aggregate Girls Aggregate Overall (Leader ball and Grand Relay are included)
1290 1466 2821
4th 1st 2nd

I would like to make special mention of the parents and teachers who helped out on the day. I am grateful for their efforts.

Miss Witkowski – Physical Education Teacher

Year Three Reconciliation Retreat

On Monday the Year Three students participated in a retreat with six faciliators from 24:7 School Ministry. The retreat provided them with an opportunity to explore their understanding of right and wrong and how, through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, they can maintain a friendship with Jesus. The children participated in a range of activities including games, prayers and reflections. Below are some of their reflections on the day.

On Monday we had a feast and a retreat for the Year Threes. My favourite part of the retreat was the experiment. First Sam showed us the beaker that represented Jesus which was clear. The container which was Us was also clean, and the one of Sin was dirty. Sam poured Sin into the container of us and made us dirty. Jesus was poured in and made us clean again. Sam then put Sin into Jesus and Jesus was still clear because Jesus can beat Sin. I thought that was amazing!!!  I am very excited to receive my Reconciliation!!!
By Sophia

Retreat Reflection
Have you ever received a sacrament called Reconciliation before? On the 9th of October 24:7 School Ministry came to Infant Jesus School for a retreat for Year Threes because we are preparing for a sacrament called Reconciliation. I was in the purple group with Aloyse. I loved the whole retreat, but if I had to pick which part I liked best it would be creating our craft footprints to put on a brown cross. While we were waiting for everyone to put their footprints on the cross we prayed the Our Father and repeated ten times, “For the sake of sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and the whole world.”  We prayed for each other and Jesus in the calm moment. The cross was so full after all the crosses were placed on it. I feel excited to receive this wonderful sacrament because all my sins will be cleared.
By Asha

Rocking Reconciliation Retreat
On Monday, 29 of October was a super exciting day for the Year Threes as they were having a retreat and shared lunch! But not to worry about mouth-watering food, we must get on with the serious stuff. Mr Colangelo had arranged for the 24:7 School Ministry to come and teach us in preparation for the Sacrament of Penance or Reconciliation. I was in the purple group which was lead by Aloyse. I loved the Sin skit which was about when someone sinned, others followed and got stuck to the sin. First of all, there was a chair and on it was a pillow with bold white writing on top of a grey background. The writing said DO NOT TOUCH. But Sam touched the pillow and created the sin. Then he threw the pillow off the chair. Then his friend Samuel walked by and sat on it, when suddenly he realised he was stuck! But behind Samuel’s back Sam was struggling to get off the chair. Then Samuel turned around and saw Sam trying to get off the chair. He tried to help Sam but got stuck too. The same happened with Aloyse, Lionel and Angela. Each time someone else got sucked into the sin. But at the end Joe came and prayed for forgiveness. They then all became unstuck. I think that I am ready to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
By Amy

Monday was a really special day for the Year Threes. We participated in a retreat for our Reconciliation. I was in the orange group which was lead by Samuel. I thought that one of the best activities was the Bopper game. What happened in the Bopper game was one person started off with the bopper which was a pool noodle. The other people were in partners with their arms linked. The bopper had to hit someone lightly, with the bopper, and then give it to the person they hit and link arms with that individual’s partner. I thought this was a very exciting activity because it was fun when people linked onto you and your partner had to run off. It was touching because it made us all think about how when we sin against others, not only one person is affected. I had a great retreat and I think I am ready to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
By Massimo


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