Principal’s Report – Issue 8

Principal’s Report – Issue 8

Let me start this week’s newsletter by congratulating all the students and families who attended the Family Mass last Saturday evening.

Understanding the Eucharist

In the year 313 the Edict of Milan ensured the freedom of the Church and established Christianity as the religion of the Empire. This meant that Christianity moved into the public domain. 

Project Compassion

Ditosa, a young girl from Mozambique, went to live with her grandmother after her parents died of AIDS-related illnesses.

Class News

The Year Threes have jumped into learning this term as they have discovered new information and acquired new skills.

Parish and Community News

Special thanks to all the Confirmation families for attending the Commitment Masses last weekend. 

P & F and Canteen News

The kids have voted and it was a landslide! Let’s just say “We are Flying High!  

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