Information Technology

2019 Issue 10

This morning, all students who participated in iHour for Term Two were given the chance to present their innovative solutions for various problems in the world in front of their peers and parents. Well done to all Term Two iHour students for working together so well to produce your wonderful ideas!

Year Four
Fitness Fun by Claudia, Mia, Olivia,  Giacomo and Emilio
Colour Pop Glasses by Mevin, Elouise, Marco, Allegra and Cameron
Smell Busters by Liam, Bianca, Ria, Massimo and Ella
Spread the Bed by Raymond, Asha, Dylan, Orlando, Sophia and Cruze   

Year Five
MVR by Erin, Alex, Jean Paul R, Joanna and Vaishvi
Find a Fish by Austin, Charlie, Sang, Estelle and Tahliah
BuddyMe by Lillian  Meghan  Jasmine, Chase and Dominic
Bear IT by Thomas, Bryant, Tayla, Maddison and Chloe N 

Year Six
Quick Decisions by Kristy, Madeline, Lydia, Dan and Andre
Smart Susan by Taya, Ella, Jacob, Simon, Rosaria and Kieran
Chill Zone by Angelique, Don, Marie, Lydia, Sophia and Ashlen
VIPotty by Chloe F, Justin, Noah, Emily and Amie

Popular Apps
At Infant Jesus School we are aware that our students are growing up as digital natives, and as such they often request apps that parents are unaware are appropriate. Sometimes, the apps have components that are beneficial, but there may be some features that should be blocked.

If you are unsure if an app is suitable for your child, we encourage you to review Commonsense Media’s guide or talk to your child’s teacher before installing the app.


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