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Activities for Busy Catholic Families

Given the many challenges facing today’s families, now is the perfect time and home is the perfect place to experience Lent. After all, home is where we rush and rest, where we hope and worry, where we love and forgive. It is home where we most often experience day-to-day salvation. Lenten experiences can take place in nearly every room of the house. Here are two ideas to try to enrich your celebration of Lent at home:

Lenten Family Mealtime

Designate one evening a week to prepare a meal together. Assign a different dish or task to each family member. Before starting, discuss how each family member is giving to the others—giving time, effort, and care to nourish the entire family to go out and do God’s will. Begin with a prayer of thanks and petition.

Giving to Charities

Ask each family member to find some high-quality, useful items that would be appreciated by those who are less fortunate. Donate the items to a favourite charity. Pray together for those who will receive them.


Rattanak is a skilled young barber, living an independent life in rural Cambodia. But it wasn’t always that way. As a child he contracted polio and also became deaf. Like many people who are deaf or hard of hearing, Rattanak faced isolation, with a lack of opportunity to escape poverty. After joining the Deaf Development Program run by Caritas Australia’s partner, Maryknoll Cambodia, his life was transformed and he is now supporting himself, his wife and baby.

Please donate to Project Compassion 2018 and help deaf youth in Cambodia to build a just future, and live in communities that uphold everyone’s dignity. A Just Future starts with your support! You can donate through Project Compassion boxes/envelopes, visit www.caritas.org.au/projectcompassion or phone 1800 024 413.


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