Principal’s Report – Issue 29

Dear Parents

It is hard to believe that three quarters of the year has already passed. This term in particular, has just flown by. Many things have taken place at Infant Jesus School that has involved a number of people and to whom we are grateful. Most importantly has been the preparation and participation of the students in Year Four in the Sacraments of First Eucharist. We congratulate these students once again on receiving this very special and sacred sacrament.

It is appropriate to thank a number of people for their efforts and contributions over the past ten weeks. It is important to recognise the efforts and dedication of the Infant Jesus School staff. The teachers, support staff and ancillary staff of this school are most professional in their support and education of the students within their care and the progress of the school as a whole. It has been extremely busy, but at the same time it has been most rewarding. Congratulations and well done to all.

Much has been accomplished in a rather busy Term Three and it is most gratifying to see the achievements of so many. The students have worked productively in class, amid the disruptions to produce some quality work and pleasing results. The ‘Learning Journey Night’ was testament to this.

It is a very exciting weekend for all the West Coast Eagle fans with the boys from the West striving to reach their seventh Grand Final. It will be brilliant if they can spoil the ‘Victorian’ party and have at least one non-Victorian team playing in the BIG Game!

No doubt, both staff and students are looking forward to a well-earned break. We pray that all families stay healthy and safe over the two-week break, and return rejuvenated and revitalised in preparation for Term Four.

Learning Journeys

It was wonderful to see our families gather on Monday night as the children shared their learning with their parents. The Learning Journey session provides an opportunity for parents, children and the school to come together to support, share and celebrate each child’s learning.  It was wonderful to hear the students share their learning, knowledge, interests and abilities with their parents. The children really feel proud of the work that they do, as I am sure mums and dads feel the same way. Well done to all involved.

Best Wishes

We also like to take this opportunity to wish Mrs Amanda Edwards and her husband, Peter, all the very best for the safe arrival of their baby girl next term and hope they both revel in the joys of parenthood. I am sure Amanda will keep us all updated with the exciting news.

We also wish Mrs Cathy Duschka all the best as she takes some Long Service Leave at the beginning of Term Four.

Best Wishes to you both.

Principal Review

I met with the Deputy Director, Mr Peter Yensch, a couple of weeks ago to discuss our school and the outcomes of the Principal Review. This meeting went extremely well and the Deputy Director was most supportive and affirming.

Mr Yensch had been to our school earlier in the year and was aware of many of the things that were happening within the walls of Infant Jesus School. Even on his visit, the Deputy Director got a very positive feel for the school and what was happening in the classes he visited.

The meeting itself was quite in-depth and we discussed many facets of the school and my leadership. The Deputy Director had plenty of data and feedback to draw upon, as well as reflect on my performance as principal. However, what was most gratifying was that what was spoken about and highlighted, was supported by all the data sources.

As shared at the completion of the Cyclic Review earlier this term, the Deputy Director, as well as all the panel members involved with the processes were very happy with the transformation and direction at Infant Jesus School. They are well aware, that some things need time to be embedded and for results to be seen. However, they are fully supportive of the work that we are doing at Infant Jesus School.

Once again, I am very grateful to the members of the community who were involved with both of these processes this term.

Strategic Plan 2019 – 2021

As discussed at both the School Board and P&F Meetings, we will be commencing our work with our NEW Strategic Plan for Infant Jesus School. We will be working with Jeff Thorne (JT Consulting) to develop this Strategic Plan over the remainder of the school year. It is most important that our plan reflects some of the strategic initiatives of the Catholic Education Western Australia, which is due to be completed early next term. We will keep the community informed of our progress.

Summer Uniform

A reminder to all students and parents about the Infant Jesus School Uniform. The uniform at Infant Jesus School is a symbol of the school’s community and it assists children to develop a sense of unity and belonging. Wearing the uniform encourages a sense of personal pride in and the school. Whenever the uniform is worn at school or public places it must be worn in accordance with the school policy (Refer to School Website for a Copy of the Uniform Policy).

Next term, all students move back into their summer uniform.  Children are permitted to wear their winter uniform up until the end of Week Two if necessary. All students are required to be in the full Infant Jesus School uniform by Week Three of Term Four. Parents are reminded to have all items of school clothing clearly labelled.

Faction Athletics Carnival

The Infant Jesus School Athletics Carnival will take place on Friday 12 October (Week One, Term Four at the Inglewood Little Athletic Centre (Dianella Regional Open Space).

The day will commence at approximately 9:15am and should conclude around 2:30pm.  All children are to arrive at school for the usual start time. Buses will leave school at 8:50am at the latest.  Similar to last year, the carnival will take on a tabloid format involving a rotation of team games as well as relays and individual races.

Children are asked to wear a plain shirt in their faction colour. If the t-shirt has a motif on the front or back, children can wear the shirt turned inside out.  We also encourage them to wear sunscreen because they will be out in the sun for the majority of the day. All items need to be clearly marked with their name. Mascots, hair ribbons and banners are allowed to encourage team spirit; however, no hair dye or face paint will be allowed (Coloured zinc is permitted).

Please be aware that it is anticipated that the children will only be sitting in their bays during lunch time and during their designated rest time. On the day, they will need to bring their morning tea, lunch, hat and a bottle of water.  As children will be constantly moving to different stations, we invite all parents to follow along and support their children throughout the day. Spectators are allowed to sit in the marked viewing area only. This is to ensure the safety of all competitors. Parents are asked to refrain from standing too close to the finish line or entering staff/student areas at all times.

If parents wish to take their child home at the completion of the carnival, a letter needs to be given to class teacher. Please note, children will not be permitted to go home with other parents or friends.  Please do not ask on the day as the request will be denied as we have a duty of care and a responsibility of keeping accurate records with regards to children’s attendance.

We know that the children are looking forward to a fun day where they can showcase their athletic skills.

School Holiday Ideas

The holidays provide time to have a rest and a break from the busy schedule of school days. There is also time to do some things that there may not be time for during the school term. The following is a list of ideas that may be useful during the next two weeks.Plan for some ‘lazy’ days and have quieter days around the house.

  • Read a book, or three. The best thing about holidays, and going slowly, is the ability to bring the adventures read in literature alive in many exciting ways; drawings, dramatisation, collage, painting, box construction, filming etc… are all ideas that can be sparked from an interesting read.
  • Visit a local park – perhaps not just any park, get out the UBD or go on the internet and find a park that you haven’t been to before. Many of the new Council playgrounds are fantastic. There is water play, flying foxes and all sorts of equipment. A lot of them are fun for parents too. You might even ride your bike to the park or take a cricket set and play a game.
  • Go to the movies — at home. Rent or download your favourite kids movie, make some popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy the cinema at home.
  • Play board and card games – they are always loads of fun and can keep kids amused for hours. Think of games like: Game of Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo and many others.
  • Play puppet shows at home – puppet shows have always been the cornerstone of imaginative play for children and you can make your own puppet show at home too. You could collect all your socks that you´re no longer using and get out theglue and have fun creating.
  • Do some gardening – replant part of the garden with some new flowers. You could also try and grow some of your favourite vegetables at home.
  • Read more at:

Term Four Calendar

The Term Four Calendar has been attached to this newsletter. It has been updated to reflect the term and the events scheduled.
Parent Calendar Term 4 2018

Some important events take place in the first two weeks of the term. These include the Faction Athletics Carnival, Reconciliation Commitment Masses and the School Disco.

Monday 8 October First day of the Term for students
Tuesday 9 October Board Meeting
Thursday 11 October Parish Mass – Year 3 & Year 4
Friday 12 October Faction Athletics Carnival
Saturday 13 October Reconciliation Commitment Mass – 6.00pm
Sunday 14 October Reconciliation Commitment Mass – 9.30am & 6.00pm
Monday 15 October Strategic Plan Workshop – School Board and P&F Executive
Tuesday 16 October P&F Meeting
Thursday 18 October Class Assembly – Year 1
Friday 19 October School Disco

Prayer for the Week

Christ, our Light,
We believe that you are here among us as you promised you would be when we gather in your name.
With a trust that goes far deeper than our limited capacity to imagine,
You have handed over to us responsibility to carry out your works and wishes in our world.
We ask you now to walk beside us on our journey, to fill our minds, memories and imaginations with hope and vision.
Help us to see our lives and work within your Church with
strong creative clarity, so that we may serve more effectively,
All who search for faith and meaning in our world.

Did you Know?

  • Great white sharks have about 3000 teeth
  • No matter how hard you squeeze the two ends of an egg, it will NEVER break. (Try it!)
  • Most dreams last only 5 to 20 minutes
  • A “clue” originally meant a ball of thread. This is why one is said to “unravel” the clues of a mystery
  • The reason why milk is white is because it contains a protein call asein, which is white. It also contains fat, which is white.

Thought for the Week


Enjoy the break.


Paul Hille


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