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Over the last two weeks our Year 4, 5 and 6 students have been attending Bayswater Waves for Swimming Lessons. These lessons have been a huge success with the children improving their swimming skills as well as having a lot of fun. The instructors have been wonderful and I would like to thank Bayswater Waves for accommodating us.


The Infant Jesus School swimming carnival is just one week away! Year 4, 5 and 6 students will be participating in many swimming events, from freestyle to novelty noodle races. The details for the carnival are:

Date:               Friday 23 March

Venue:            Bayswater Waves

Time:               9:15am- 2:30pm

Please be mindful that we will be using the outdoor pool at Bayswater Waves so sunscreen, hat, a rashie, and a water bottle are recommended. Children are expected to arrive to school dressed in their bathers and full sports uniform, including trainers.

We ask all parents to be mindful that this is a school day. As on any other day, the children need to bring healthy food for recess and lunch. There will be a lunch break and students will be permitted to sit with their parents at this time. Students whose parents are not at the carnival will need to stay in the faction bays with the teachers.

At the end of the day, parents are able to sign their children out from their classroom teacher and take them straight home from the pool. However, a written letter of permission needs to be given to the classroom teacher by Wednesday 21 March. Students without a letter of permission will have to return to school on the bus and be picked up from school as normal.

I look forward to the Infant Jesus School Community getting behind and supporting all of these wonderful and beneficial swimming activities.

I am also looking for help at the swimming carnival. If you are able to assist please sent me an email, making sure to include your name and your child’s name. Parental help at carnival is always greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Miss Witkowski





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