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Students in Year 4-6 have been participating in i-Hour this term, an initiative that was introduced to Infant Jesus School last year. The students have been working hard for five weeks in a small group of children from their year level. During the five weeks they followed the engineering design process to solve a problem in our world. The students have been brainstorming, planning and creating a solution for their chosen problem. They have had certain tasks and requirements to meet along the way, working towards a final presentation session, which was held last week in the Library. Congratulations to all of the groups who presented their ideas to classmates, teachers and parents. The following groups presented their ideas last week:

Year Four

Antonella, Tahliah, Jean-Paul, Nicholas and Lucia created and presented ‘Power 4 All’: A way to reduce Infant JesusSchool’s power bill with solar panels and wind turbines.

Chloe, Olivia, Christian, Perry and Alex created and presented ‘The Pocket Translator’: An improved language translator to help when you are travelling to other countries and don’t speak the language.

Year Five  

Adam, Noah, Aurelia, Emma and Amie created and presented Schoolaborate: An App for new students to make their lives easier when starting at a new school.

Maya, Madeline, Tahlia, Ben and Zac created and presented ‘The Clothes Composter’: A way to compost clothes made from natural fibres to use with a community garden.

Year Six

Allyra, Lilly, Angel, Calum and Lucas created and presented ‘The Tooth Fairy’: An exciting new toothbrush to help people detect and manage tooth decay.

Declan, Rhys, Bianca, Ruben and Imani created and presented The Turtle Tracker: A new take on fishing nets to help stop the numbers of sea turtles disappearing.


Next term our school will have the pleasure of hosting Paul Litherland, renowned cyber-safety speaker and owner of Surf Online Safe. He will be presenting two workshops, one for parents and one for our Year Five and Six students. The parent workshop will be held on the 20th June at 6.30pm in the School Hall.

Paul will share his experiences as a WA Police Officer in the Technology Crime Investigation Unit and speak about the need for students and parents to remember the impact of their digital footprint, maintain levels of privacy when using apps and apply methods to remain safe in an online environment.

Paul’s parent presentations will cover a wide range of topics and will last between 1 to 1.5hrs depending on questions. Subjects covered may include:

  • Cyber Bullying – Legislation surrounding this and how it is affecting our children.
  • Digital Citizenship – Where our children are going online, the Apps they are using and the information they are sharing.
  • Online Footprint – How easy it is to find children online and what they can do to minimise their risk.
  • Social Networking & Networking in general – How the systems work and how to overcome their reach.
  • Online Gaming and Website Use – Risks and uses.
  • Tips & Tricks – How to keep an eye on your children through software and hardware. Easy instructions on what we can do to keep them safe.

 Paul is very much in demand and has been presenting to children and parents at a number of schools over the years. Information on registering for the parent presentation will be available for parents early in Term Two. Coincidently, Paul’s family are parishioners at the Infant Jesus Church and Paul’s grandfather helped to build the original Church and school!

Please see the two attachments which include a bio for Paul and further information on Surf Online Safe.

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