We Are Called

2019 Issue 08

We Are Called

When we join in the Celebration of the Eucharist at the Church we see many significant items which include colours to reflect the seasons in the Church year.

The different colours are drawn from creation to remind those participating in a liturgy of the different blessings of God.

The colours used are white (or gold), purple (or violet), green, red and rose pink.

During the weeks since Easter, known as the Easter season, the colour of white has been used. White (or gold), is used during this time as it is a festive, joyful colour. White is also used during the Christmas season.

This weekend, the colour red will be very visible with the celebration of both Confirmation, on Saturday, and the feast of Pentecost this Sunday. Red is also used on Palm Sunday. This colour symbolises both blood and fire. Fire is one of the symbols associated with Confirmation and ‘receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit’.

The colours red will be worn by the priest during the celebration of the Eucharist this weekend. Clothes on the altar and on the tabernacle will also be red.

Banners are often displayed around the Church to highlight the focus of the celebration or to reflect the season of the Church year. The banners are large sheets of cloth bearing a symbol or message. In the past, they were mainly used in processions, however, temporary banners are now often displayed on walls and pillars. This weekend banners will reflect the feast of Pentecost and the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation as these are very significant occasions in the Church year.

This weekend observe the colour of the vestments worn by the priest, the colour of the altar cloth and the main colour used in the Church. How did the displays and banners help you to reflect on the significance of the celebration and our calling to share the Good News?

Yesterday three Year Six students attended the official launch of LifeLink Day 2019.  At the launch Archbishop Timothy Costelloe and Bishop Don Sproxton recognised the contributions that schools have made to LifeLink.

Our Year Six students enjoyed representing the school and have provided a summary of the Launch.

‘Archbishop Timothy Costelloe spoke about how we had to have courage and to not be afraid to be like Jesus and always spread the Word of God. He reminded us of Australia’s first saint; Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, and how ‘she never saw a need without doing something about it.’ Archbishop Costelloe also reminded us that we could follow Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop’s example by helping others in need.

At the launch all schools presented their ‘Big Books of Love and Hope’. Our book included a page from each class with prayers, messages and thoughts for those in need. We included information related to some of the LifeLink agencies and recognised the work of the many volunteers who provide essential services and support for those in need in the Archdiocese. These books will be displayed in the Archdiocese of Perth.

Yesterday as a school we also recognised LifeLink Day by wearing free dress and bringing a gold coin donation.

Today we had our third Cake Stall which was organised by the Year Four parents. We thank our parents who have generously donated an amazing variety of food which has been greatly appreciated and enjoyed by the children.

Next week we look forward to another Cake Stall on Thursday 13 June organised by Year One.

The next Cake Stalls are on:

  • Thursday 20 June organised by Year Six
  • Thursday 27 June organised by Year Three


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