Sacramental Program

Our Catholic Faith and Sacramental Program

The heart of our School is our Catholic Faith. Our very reason for existing is to provide an authentic Catholic Education for Catholic families in our Parish.

Infant Jesus School is a welcoming and reflective community coming together to live out our Catholic Faith. Our most distinctive sign is the discernment of God’s presence in our spiritual life. Within this community we provide a genuine experience of ministry, encourage engagement and commitment by children, parents and teachers and respond to individual and collective needs.

We promote a particular view of the person, the community, the nation and the world, centred on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. We challenge children to find, through God, meaning and value in their lives and we form an integral part of a church community in which all generations live, worship and grow together.

We acknowledge and support parents in their role as the prime educators in faith for their children, with the understanding that the school’s Religious Education Program is greatly enhanced through parental example and support in the home environment. Family prayer and attendance at School Masses, Sunday Mass and other Parish Liturgies does much to help the child and family in their faith development.

We assist parents in preparing children to receive the Sacraments through a program which is  Family focusedParish based  and  School supported. The Sacraments of Reconciliation (Year 3) Eucharist (Year 4) and Confirmation (Year 6) are wonderful celebrations where the school and parish come together to support the child and family.

Our teachers are committed to the development of our children within a faith context and undertake to acknowledge, promote and celebrate the particular God-given gifts of each person in our community. As the Bishop’s Mandate Letter states, a Catholic School has to be first and foremost a good school; therefore, children are engaged in high-quality education with emphasis on the fundamental literacy and numeracy skills required for both learning and life.

We espouse values which unite Australia by promoting a citizenship infused by a commitment to social justice and we give priority to educating the spiritually and financially poor in our community. We emphasise activities involving active community service and issues of social justice.

At Infant Jesus School we support our children to:

  • Discover God and to make value of their lives
  • Appreciate the intrinsic worth of who they are and where they are now.
  • Develop a synthesis of faith and culture and faith and life.
  • Participate in prayer and celebration of the Eucharist in community
  • Engage in their faith development in a conducive environment
  • Engage in Religious Education Programs which support them to grow in understanding of their faith.
  • Attain the beliefs, values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and practices, which will enable them to achieve Christ’s vision of the human person.
  • Develop personally and socially their enduring values and requirements in an ever-changing world.
  • Take an international perspective on human development based on cooperation and collaboration, not competition.

The emphasis of our Catholic faith is on the development of each child as a unique human being. We support our children to come to know Jesus Christ’s story of love and sacrifice for us in a systemic and sequenced manner which helps them to relate to the Catholic faith within their daily lives.


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