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Vision for Learning and Teaching

The purpose of education is to prepare people to contribute to society in a meaningful way. At Infant Jesus our goal is to develop a learning community which fosters life-long learning and an attitude which promotes achievement of full potential in an environment embedded in our Gospel values.

Our image of the children is that of a ‘rich child’ who possesses many resources and who has extraordinary potential…“this is a gifted child for whom we have a gifted teacher.”

We believe the child is competent and has the capabilities to be an active constructor of knowledge and is capable of constructing, testing and reconstructing theories which in turn creates new knowledge.

We give the child opportunities to construct his or her knowledge in a democratic relationship with others and provide opportunities for each child to being open to different ways of seeing, since individual knowledge is always partial and provisional.

We create a learning environment where the children are ‘truly alive’ and involved in learning and have the ability, possibility and joy in projecting and exploring their world. We value each child’s strength, energy, intelligence, invention, capacity and creativity. Each child is seen, heard and applauded.

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Early Childhood Education
A Catholic Early Childhood Program endeavours to provide an environment and educational experience that is concerned with the development of each child as a whole person, and which acknowledges his/her innate spirituality. It seeks also to foster a religious awareness through meaningful everyday life experiences. This religious education experience endeavours to complement and support that which is offered through the home environment.

Early Childhood Education lays the foundation for further schooling and provides the initial interface between home and school in a child’s life. Recognising parents as the first educators of their children, early childhood education seeks to build upon home learning.

In establishing programs for young children it is important to remember that Catholic schooling is intentionally directed to the holistic development of students from within, assisting them to become fully integrated human persons.

Our Early Childhood Program will provide an environment and educational experience which acknowledges the innate spirituality of every child, fosters the child’s ability to wonder, experience awe, overcome difficulties, love others and reflect God, their Creator.

Download a copy of Early Childhood Education – Celebrating Childhood.

Our School Programs
The Melbourne Declaration on the Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA 2008) recognises that in a digital age, and with rapid and continuing changes in the ways that people share, use, develop and communicate with ICT (Information Communications Technology), young people need to be highly skilled in its use. To participate in a knowledge-based economy and to be empowered within a technologically sophisticated society now and into the future, children need the knowledge, skills and confidence to make ICT work for them at school, at home, at work and in their communities.

Infant Jesus School endeavours to provide all staff and children with the skills, tools and mind set to achieve success in a rapidly changing technological and information rich world. Our aim is to develop our staff, children and parents into responsible digital citizens who are able to interact collaboratively as members of the connected global community. By integrating Information and Communication Technologies into all areas of the Australian Curriculum our aim is to provide powerful and effective tools to engage children, empower teachers and involve parents in developing life long learners.

Please read the  ICT Program at Infant Jesus School.

Please see the Infant Jesus School BYOD Program Booklet (PDF) and the  School App List for 2019. This book is also available for free from the iBook Store on all Apple Devices.

A support team comprised of Support Teachers and Teacher Assistants work together to support the classroom teacher to meet the individual needs of the children.

THE ARTS PROGRAM – Music Education
A specialist Music Education Teacher is employed to develop the musical abilities of our students. The program is designed to promote music appreciation through a wide range of experiences. Opportunities for real and meaningful performance is the basis of this program.

Private instrumental lessons are also available for students from Years 3 – 6. The children have an opportunity to perform in the Infant Jesus School Band.

A specialist Physical Education Teacher is employed to develop the Health and Physical Education Learning Area. The children are involved in physical education skills lessons each week. This gives them the opportunity to apply their skills in a game situation. Children are also involved in a school daily fitness program and/or a weekly sport session.

Children are involved in Interschool and Faction carnivals as appropriate.

Science is taken as a specialist learning area at Infant Jesus. In the Science Learning Area students learn to investigate, understand and communicate about the physical, biological and technological world and value the process that supports life on our planet. Science helps students become critical thinkers by encouraging them to use evidence to evaluate the use of science in society and the appreciation of science in daily life.

The Library Resource Centre is the focal point of the school. Formal library access and skill lessons are undertaken by teachers. Children are encouraged to use the Library regularly and develop a love of books.

Children from Year 1 to Year 6 are given the opportunity to learn Italian. A teacher is supplied by the Italian Consulate under the auspices of the Italo-Australian Welfare and Cultural Centre Inc.

Valuing the Family
A quotation from the Beazley Report 1985……

“There seems little doubt that most children spend far less time on reading at home than is desirable for obtaining high standards of literacy. It is essential that children be encouraged to read widely in their out of school hours, to supplement direct teaching. This encouragement should include clear policies on homework, especially in regard to literacy skills and numeracy”.

At Infant Jesus School we believe that the purpose of homework is to:

  • Support the children to form good habits for later studies and also for interest and understanding of current affairs and the world in which he/she lives.
  • Support children to learn to work independently.
  • Encourage self-discipline, self-reliance and develop responsibility for learning.
  • Encourage sharing moments with parents.
  • Reinforce or revise what is learnt during the school day.

Our Homework Policy begins in Year 1 with the children reading every night and steadily builds up to 1 hour in Year 6 with independent research tasks alongside reading for information and or pleasure.

Learn more about Helping Children at School.


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