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2019 Issue 06

During Term One staff developed a set of Behaviour Expectations based around our Core Values.

A copy is included to inform parents of these expectations for everyone in our school. We encourage parents to discuss these at home.

School Behaviour Expectations

Infant Jesus School is a place where every individual is welcomed, cherished, respected and valued.  Our Catholic ethos ensures that a Christ-centred approach is at the heart of all we do. We live and learn within a community that is caring, loving, compassionate and forgiving.

Our values convey the beliefs that positively influence our behaviour and the way we interact with individuals, groups and communities. They represent the deepest beliefs and sentiments to which we can aspire, and they shape our school community. The following core values guide our behaviour at our school:

We value Uniqueness – this means that we:

Value every person as having been made in the image and likeness of God (CCC 27)

  • Share and celebrate the gifts and talents of ourselves and others
  • Acknowledge the uniqueness of individuals
  • Celebrate the cultural diversity of all people
  • Recognise that we all learn differently and have individual needs

 We value Respect – this means that we:

Treat others as we would want to be treated (Luke 6:31)

  • Use manners at all times
  • Are kind, considerate and tolerant
  • Allow others to learn without interruption
  • Play fairly, co-operatively and inclusively
  • Look after and care for our school

 We value Excellence – this means that we:

‘No one after lighting a lamp hides it under a jar, or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a lamp stand, so that those who enter may see the light!’ (Luke 8: 16)

  • #ExpectGreatThings of ourselves and others
  • Are accountable for our actions and words (we own what we do)
  • Work hard and strive to improve in all areas
  • Show pride in our school and our uniform
  • Attempt challenges, take risks and learn from our mistakes

Merit Certificates

On Thursday 23 May we will have our first assembly for the year in the School Hall. This assembly will be led by the Year Four students with the Year Six Public Relations Ministry introducing each item.

At this assembly we will also acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our children and all their hard work. Congratulations to the following students who will receive a Merit Certificate at our assembly on Thursday 23 May 2019:

PPB Thomas Lupo, Lucas Gucciardi, Giannis Tiniakos, Imogen Krajancich, Indi Evans
PPW Ava Ferrara, Claudia Ruggiero, Isabelle Modica, Kaiden Nguyen, Mason Ellis
1B Megan Pham, Brody Firns, Angel Le, Lachlan Johnson
1W Ellie Whiting, Tate Green, Siena Wiles, Mia Waters
2B Alden Bao, Arielle Di Tella, Arabella Jackamarra, Stella Prokscha, Joshua Waters
2W Aimy Jobin, Daniel Yates, Abigail Tutt, Brody Ridolfo, Olivia Catalano
3B Lilly Emselle, Mario Ruggiero, Jake Fiorucci, Julian De Silva
3W Chloe Gentile, Naethan Marino-Dayan, Francesco Napoli, Benjamin Wilathgamua
4B Ryan Bai, Bridget Caputo, Kim Nguyen, Cameron Soh and Dylan Vu
4W Alessia Pelle, Dhruv Sharma, Giacomo Tiniakos, William Brisbane, India Duguid
5B Eva Cecchele, Chase Clements, Tahliah Gonsalves, Nicholas Kularatne, Amber Rechichi
5W Amelia Yates, Erin D’Silva, Serafino Napoli, Elijah Erceg
6B Lydia Brisbane, Leo Gjini ,Maya McGuire, Lucas Rossi, Madison Mertens
6W Aurelia Leach, Simon Tran, Elise Clements, Sophie Gaston, Ella Delpero

Faction Friday and Building Faction Spirit

All students from Year One to Year Six have been allocated to a faction which they remain in for the time that they are at Infant Jesus School.

There are special times when we meet together as a faction which has usually only been for a sport carnival such as swimming, athletics or cross country.

This term we have introduced Faction Friday where all students sit with their faction during recess time and lunch time. Children in the same family may even sit together as they will all be in the same faction. This provides lots of opportunities for all students in the same faction to learn about who is in the faction which will assist in the work and organisation for the carnivals. More importantly it will hopefully build faction spirit for all members of the faction.

During the year children will also learn more about the history of the saint of their faction.

Reading Comprehension

This term parents will have noticed that your children have reignited their interest and passion for reading through i-Read, the Principal’s Reading Challenge. This new initiative has started and aims to develop a love of reading in all children by providing encouragement for all to become successful readers. Reading is a lifelong skill which benefits children in all areas of learning.

We greatly value the partnership between home and school and are looking forward to your continued support and involvement. At home, you can further your child’s reading comprehension development by focusing on some strategies which assist in understanding what has been read.

Encourage children to making predictions:

  • predict before, during and after reading by asking questions such as ‘what do you think will happen next and why?’
  • when predicting use the front cover, title, illustrations, chapter headings etc

Encourage children to finding the main idea:

  • ask your child to find the most important fact within the text, either a paragraph, chapter or the whole story by asking questions such as ‘What does the author want us to know?’

Mathematics Learning at Infant Jesus School

This year one of our whole school priorities is improving results in the area of Mathematics. You are an important partner in your child’s Mathematics education.

When you find ways to engage your child in thinking and talking about Mathematics, you are providing an important key for unlocking his or her future success. Today, critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning ability and the ability to communicate mathematically are essential skills. As educators we look at the mathematical task and ensure that all Mathematics learning has elements of developing children’s understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning in Mathematics.  These processes are the foundation of Mathematics instruction in Australian schools. 

This term we will explore many ideas that may assist you in strengthening and developing mathematical understanding in children.

Year 1-2 Question
6 people are on a bus and 4 more people get on the bus … How many people are on the bus now?

Year 3-4 Question
A duck was given $9, a spider was given $36, a bee was given $27. Based off of this information, how much money would be given to a cat?

Year 5-6 Question
Jeff has $28.75. He purchased three cookies that cost $1.50 each, five newspapers that each cost $0.50, five flowers for $1.25 each, and used the remainder of the cash on a pair of sunglasses. How much were the sunglasses?

Riddle of the Week
We will also have a weekly problem for children to answer – the first correct answer every week will get to choose something from the canteen recess menu as a prize. The results need to be filled in on the weblink/form listed below and announced at Monday morning assembly.

Book Club

The first Book Club this term closes on Monday 13 May 2019.

The best gift any parent can give a child is the love of books and the joy and benefits of independent reading for fun. Children who read at home, or are read to, have a head start on reading success in school.

It is easy to order. The Book Club LOOP platform for parents allows you to pay by credit card. Your child’s order is submitted directly to school safe and sound and the books will be delivered to class. You can place your child’s order or using the LOOP app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Please Note:  On-line Book Orders are delivered to the school earlier than Cash Orders.

Parking Around the School

Did you know that the signs outside the school on Russell Street have changed? Please make sure that you adhere to the restrictions set out by the City of Bayswater.

The Year Six Class of 2013

During the past week we received an email from past students that we thought we would share with the Infant Jesus School Community. It is always exciting to see that what we do at Infant Jesus School makes a difference in the lives of our students.;

The Year Six Class of 2013, who are now completing their final year at Chisholm Catholic College.

I’m Stefania De Filippis from Chisholm Catholic College, a previous IJ kid!

I’m currently in Year 12 along with many ex-students from Infant Jesus. We just had our year 12 retreat and as a memento, we took a photo of those that attended IJ and graduated in 2013, which I have attached below. We want to share this photo with you as a reminder of the strong and unbreakable friendships created at Infant Jesus. 

Thank you for putting all your love into your students and building them a positive and encouraging foundation for the rest of their educational journey. 

We wish the Infant Jesus Class of 2013 many blessings as the walk towards the completion of their journey at Chisholm College and pray that they continue to remember fondly their time at Infant Jesus School.


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