Principal’s Report – Issue 9

Issue 09, Principal's Report

Dear Parents

Easter is….

Each year we observe Easter.  For some of us it may be a well-earned rest with our family and friends. Easter, the feast of the resurrection is the greatest celebration of the Christian Church and is the most important occasion in the Church year. At Easter, the Church celebrates the new life given to us in Jesus’ death and resurrection.  The resurrection is the reason for our faith, hope and courage. Through the resurrection of Jesus, we know that we, one day, will rise to new life, too.

As a school, we have endeavoured to raise the children’s awareness of the importance of the Catholic Church traditions, by highlighting Holy Week. Today, the children participated in a dramatic re-enactment of the ‘Stations of the Cross’. This was presented to the students in the form of a ‘tableau’ where children were able to visualize the ‘station’. Many thanks to all involved with this liturgy.

It is important that while we enjoy all the festivities Easter provides, we consider the true meaning of this celebration. The Christian message of Easter can be so easily eclipsed by commercial interests, whose advertising has bombarded our senses for the past weeks. 

Holy Thursday

On this evening Jesus shared the ‘Last Supper’ with His friends.  Jesus had eaten many meals with His disciples and friends; however, at this time He performed two very symbolic actions that are remembered and celebrated today.

Jesus knew that His life on earth would soon be over. On this night while they were at the table Jesus took a bowl of water and a towel.  He went around and washed the feet of each of His disciples.  Jesus did this to show us that no person is greater than another person and to teach us that we should love other people just as Jesus loves us.

Jesus told the disciples not to be worried and upset that He was going to leave them.  He was going ahead of them to prepare their places with God in heaven.  Jesus promised that they would see each other again. He also promised to send the Holy Spirit to help them do their work on earth. Finally, He shared the most important gift of all.  He took a piece of bread, blessed it, and thanked God for it.

‘Take and eat; this is my body,’ he said.  Then Jesus took a cup of wine.  He blessed it, thanked God for it and said, ‘Take and drink, this is my blood.’  Both these signs were intended to convey the meaning of His death; both were accompanied by the command to do likewise.  Ever since, it is in humble service and in sharing the Lord’s Supper that we find ourselves closest to Jesus.

On Holy Thursday we celebrate the Mass of the Last Supper.  We thank God in a special way for the gift of the Eucharist.  The priest will wear white which is the colour of joy.  The priest may also wash the feet of some people.  This reminds of how Jesus washed His apostles’ feet at the Last Supper.

I urge parents and families to take time to consider the real meaning of Easter over the next few days and reflect on the great sacrifice and gift God has given to us all.

Something to think about . . . .

·     Would I have had the courage to speak out about what happened to Jesus today?

·     Do people come to know Jesus’ love through my words and actions?

Lenten Thought

While they were eating, Jesus took a loaf of bread, and after blessing it he broke it, gave it to them and said, Take: this is my body.    (Mark 14: 22)

We wish all families a very Happy Easter!  May this Easter Season bring you happiness, love and understanding.  Have an enjoyable break with your family and take care when travelling on our roads.

Easter Break

This year, Easter falls within the school term. Please ensure that you are aware of the following dates.  School concludes at the normal time on Thursday afternoon and students return to school on Wednesday 4 April.

Friday 30  March                                Good Friday

Monday 2  April                                  Public Holiday

Tuesday 3 April                                  Public Holiday

 Wednesday 4 April                            Student’s resume 

Easter Mass Times Thursday 29 March Friday 30 March Saturday 31 March Sunday 1 April
Morley, Infant Jesus 7.30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper followed by Adoration until 10pm 9.30am Stations of the Cross; 11am Via Crucis (Italian); 3pm The Lord’s Passion followed by Reconciliation 10am-11am Reconciliation and


7.30pm Easter Vigil, followed by light supper

7.30am, 9.30am, 11.30am (Italian) & 6pm

Prayer for the Week

As we continue our journey together to Easter we stop and reflect on the events that have become the centre of our faith. Today is Holy Thursday, when Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with His friends and invites us to share in this spiritual meal at Mass.

On Good Friday He gave His life for us. The following prayer shows how He was able to relate to all people by giving everyone one simple message to follow in faith and life.

We do not call it Bad Friday

although, for the one who lived and died

                                        the torture of that day

                                      there would have been nothing good about it.

                                 This One, this Christ who used nature

                               to describe eternal truths,

                                who spoke of the cycle of the seasons

                           with images of grains of wheat,

                            fields, grapes, figs, fishes, sheep and flowing water.

This One was too steeped in agony

to remember that even the rarest flower

must die to produce a seedling.

But we who bear the gift

of His life and death 

call it Good Friday

and carry with us

the knowledge that in Him

our lives have been made larger this

Easter journey.

Rice Day

Yesterday, we participated in a Mission activity to support Project Compassion – the Rice Day.  The focus of this day was to help us realise how fortunate we are and to appreciate that others do not have what we have.  We are truly privileged to have a variety of foods to eat each day!

A special thank you to Mrs Ienco, Mr Colangelo, the volunteer parents and the Year 6 Christian Service Ministry who organised and assisted with this activity for the school.   All monies raised will be sent to Project Compassion.

School Discipline and Bullying

There is a book by Barry Dwyer entitled “Parents Teachers Partners” which deals with establishing and fostering the essential partnership between home and school. The collaboration between home and school is vital in providing our students with the best possible educational advantage and it is an area that we are always endeavouring to improve here at Infant Jesus School. I would like to share with you a summarized version of the information presented in this book on the area of ‘discipline’.

Every teacher knows the importance of classroom management. If children disrupt the class with loud talking, if they are rude and inconsiderate to others and disobedient to the teachers, worthwhile learning will not occur. As we know teachers use a variety of management skills to curb such behaviour. But classroom discipline goes much further. When the overall climate is friendly, but unashamedly firm whenever necessary, when expectations are clear, and routines are established and when the learning tasks are interesting and within the ability of the children, disruptive behaviour is less likely to occur.

The aim of every school is to help individual children grow in self-discipline. This does not come automatically!  Children must learn to control emotions, their impulses, work toward achieving set goals and outcomes, to respect themselves and others, and in general take responsibility for their own actions. In their efforts to assist this growth, teachers often use techniques such as: 

·     They will have class discussions on the reasons why people have problems getting along together and they will talk about how groups create rules to govern behaviour.

·     They negotiate class rules with the children, enforce them and regularly evaluate their appropriateness.

·     They discuss and explain school rules and the reasons for their existence.

·     They encourage students to participate in decision-making.

·     They maintain a sense of predictability in classroom life.  Actions have consequences. Behaviours that hurt others  or disrupt learning are not tolerated; however, productive behaviour is praised and rewarded.

Children need discipline, limits and guidance. They need to feel safe and secure while learning to get along with others and learning to live in society. The best discipline leads to children learning self-discipline. It is important that every student at Infant Jesus School has the right to: 

·     Be respected

·     Learn without distraction

·     Feel safe

·     Pursue personal excellence

Bullying is seen as ‘a behaviour’ by one or more persons, which is used to intimidate, exclude, frighten or dominate others. An individual, or a group, can carry out bullying.  At Infant Jesus School, we aim to ensure that all students are valued and that engaging in ‘bullying behaviour’ is unacceptable.

Disregarding bullying behaviours or participating as a ‘bystander’ is also unacceptable. It is the responsibility of ALL community members to ensure the safety, security and respect of all individuals.

We hope that through educating our children about this topic, both at home and at school, we will create a greater awareness of how we need to live the Gospel values of treating each other as we wish to be treated.

Senior Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all our swimmers who swam their hearts out at our inaugural Faction Swimming Carnival last Friday. It was sensational to see all students from Year 4 – 6 participate in the carnival trying their best in every race and for their factions. 

Well done to Calaroga Faction for winning this year’s carnival. A special thank you to Miss Witkowski for coordinating the carnival and other members of staff who assisted with the organisation. A huge thank you to all our parent volunteers who helped with the time keeping, judging and marshalling of all events.

Infant Jesus Family

Our condolences and prayers go to the Radice Family (Anton 5B and Elouise 3W) in the sad loss of their Nonno. May he rest in the peace of Christ forever.

Winter Uniform

A reminder to all parents that next term all students are required to be in winter uniform. To assist parents and students in this transition, a two-week change-over period will be permitted. However, all students are required to be in full winter uniform by the commencement of Week 3. Please refer to the Uniform Policy on the school website for further information

2019 Kindergarten Enrolments

Enrolments are now being taken for siblings and new students wishing to commence Kindergarten at Infant Jesus School in 2019. Families with children eligible for Kindergarten in 2019 are required to fill out a Kindergarten Enrolment Application Form.  Forms can be obtained from the office. Interviews for Kindergarten 2019 will commence at the beginning of Term 2. 

Appointments will be arranged for families to attend an interview with either Ms Moffat (Assistant Principal), Mr Colangelo (Assistant Principal) or myself. Infant Jesus School will continue to operate two concurrent Kindergarten groups next year with the days of attendance being Monday, Wednesday and Friday ~ 9.00am -2.30pm

Whole School Mass

On Friday 6 April, we will be celebrating the Resurrection with a Whole School Mass.  All parents are invited to join us for this celebration which will commence at 9.00am. 

Term One ~ School Holiday Dates

Term One School Holidays                Monday 16 April – Friday 27 April

Term Two Commences                      Monday 30 April       

Did you Know . . . ?

  • Most cows give more milk when they listen to music.
  • Take your height and divide by eight. That is how tall your head is.
  • Stannous fluoride, which is the cavity fighter found in toothpaste is made from recycled tin.

Thought for the Week

Truly, I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.


Kind regards

Paul Hille



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