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Just a reminder our school times the school times are listed as follows:

8.30am                                         Classes Open (children need to be at school)

8.45am                                         School Day Begins

10.30am – 10.50am                    Recess

12.30pm – 1.10pm                     Lunch

3.00pm                                         End of School Day

It is important that parents are aware of the starting time of 8.45am. Children are expected to be at school by this time ready for the day to commence. All lessons will commence at 8.45am.  Classrooms will open at 8.30am each morning.

In the afternoon, teachers will supervise the departure of students at the school carpark until 3.20pm. Any child remaining at school after this time will be required to report to the school office and stay there until they are collected. Please note that the office closes at 4.00pm. Thank you for co-operation in this matter.

Staff are unavailable for meetings on Tuesday afternoons due to a whole school Staff Meeting and Wednesday mornings as they attend morning prayer.


Please ensure that family contact details are up to date.  At times, office staff need to get in contact with parents or carers urgently; however, they are unable to as phone numbers listed have been changed.


Parents of students who have had a change in their medical information, need to access the Infant Jesus School Medical Action Plan on the school website to update medical needs. Parents are required to complete this as soon as possible.

Parents are reminded that an appointment should be made with their child’s class teacher to discuss the Medical Action Plan as appropriate. Furthermore, if the medical needs of the child are significant, then an appointment should be made with the principal.

Allergies and Anaphylaxis
As there are children enrolled at Infant Jesus School who have allergies to a variety of substances, we ask that children do not share food at school. We appreciate your support in avoiding sending any foods that contain NUTS. A few children may experience very serious and even life-threatening reactions to any food containing nuts or traces of nuts.


It is not okay to stay away from school for any reason, except legitimate illness and extreme family circumstances. As a school we are legally responsible to report via an electronic program, all absences every day, including continual lateness to school. Please make sure you are compliant with this legislation and please assist by contacting the school by 9.00am on the day of absence. Please also send a note upon return even if you have been contacted by phone from the school. Your support is appreciated.


Schools have a ‘duty of care’ to students, staff, parents and visitors on the site.  To fulfil our ‘duty of care’ to everyone on the school site, all visitors to the school are required to sign in at the front office.  This includes parent helpers.

Although this procedure may appear a burden, it will ensure that the school can account for all individuals in the event of an emergency and it will help us increase our ability to protect any student, staff or parent on the site.  The ipad is situated in the front office.


Parking, especially at the beginning of the year, is very much at a premium.  Please be patient with the parking situation.  It will ease as the term progresses and more parents use the drive through to pick up and drop off children.   We also ask parents to be considerate of others to ensure that traffic flows smoothly. We need to be courteous of our neighbours and follow the No Standing street signs at all times to avoid being issued with fines.

Drive Through

This is for parents who wish to drop off or pick up their child/ren without parking.  Students will be supervised by a staff member to ensure they are collected safely by the child’s parent, or someone who has parental permission, at the end of the school day.  Parents are reminded to be extra vigilant in their cars at this time as children depart the school grounds.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Parents are reminded of the Drop Off and Pick Up procedures for the school day. Following these procedures greatly assists with the safety of all the children.

  • Parents may drive from Peter’s Place into the school ‘drive through’ and drop children off by the entrance to the Hall.
  • Parents then need to drive out into Smith Street.
  • Please note this is ‘One Way’ only. This is also ‘Staff Parking Only’ to ensure that there are no moving vehicles during pick up and drop off.
  • At the school ‘drive through’ there is NO pedestrian traffic.


  • Church Carpark – This is the general Carpark for our parents.
  • The Parent Carpark is designated as parking zone for Three Year Old Kindy, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary parents. This is a ‘One Way’ area — parents drive in from Russell Street and out into Lovegrove Way. Permit passes have been given to these parents as they need to park their car and take their children to the classroom.
  • As this area only holds 40 parking spaces, Kindy and Pre-Primary parents should still park at the Church Carpark, along Smith Street or at Peter’s Place.

Administration Carpark
This Car Park cannot be used to drop children off in the morning or pick them up during the afternoon. This again is very dangerous as cars are pulling in and out at all times. Parents may use this Carpark only for office business during the day between 9.30am and 2.00pm.


It is very important that parents see that their children arrive at school no later than 8.30am so that they can unpack and get organized in order to start school promptly at 8.45am. Morning supervision is from 8.00am and children are not encouraged to arrive at school before this time. Class teachers (except Kindergarten) will have their classes open for the children from 8.30am.

Children are supervised between 3.00-3.20pm at the ‘drive through’ near the canteen, the Library entry/exit gate and at the Russell Street ‘drive through’.  Children who are still at school after 3.20pm will be required to report to the school office and stay there until they are collected. Parents need to park their car and come and collect their children.  

Any child remaining at school after this time will be required to report to the school office and stay there until they are collected. Please note that the office closes at 4.00pm. 

Thank you for co-operation in this matter.


  • All parents coming into the school need to go directly to the office.
  • All visitors coming into the school need to go directly to the office.
  • Badges are issued to visitors, visiting teachers, therapists etc.
  • Parents need to collect a pass if taking their child during the school day.
  • No parent is permitted to take another child, unless we have written documentation from the parents.


The parents and staff at Infant Jesus School expect a high standard of dress to be maintained by all children.  Students attending are required to wear the correct school uniform and sport uniform on the prescribed days. It is important that if children are wearing the school uniform that they wear this with pride.

The first two weeks of this term provide time to transition to the Winter Uniform. All students need to be in Winter Uniform by Week 3.

We encourage children to keep their hair neat and tidy whilst attending school. Hairstyles for both boys and girls should be appropriate and reflect accepted standards. Shoulder length hair or longer, is to be tied up with either scrunchies or ribbons in navy or white. Parents are requested to refrain from allowing children to dye or streak their hair during school terms and the Principal reserves the right to decide the acceptability of hairstyles.


Children should not wear valuable jewellery to school. Apart from the fact that it can be lost or broken it is a distraction to themselves and others around them. For safety reasons the only acceptable earrings are studs. Children who wear studs may wear only one in each ear.

Make up

Children should not wear make-up, nail polish, shellac, or acrylic nails with the school uniform.


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