Allied Health Services

As a Catholic Pastoral Community that is inclusive and welcoming, we strive to support the social and learning needs of our students and families. We recognise that engagement is a crucial factor in achieving success and we continue to focus on quality student learning and the provision of a curriculum where the allied health services of Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy are offered to all families within the school. This new initiative will enable easy access for all students as it will be provided within the school day. Communication and feedback will also be easily accessible for parents through the provision of the service.

We have engaged both a Speech Therapist and an Occupational Therapist to provide this service for you – the parents and the children. Both therapists are very experienced in working with school age children in schools and with parents.

Speech Pathologist – Claudia Wagenaar & Hannah Dillon (Wednesdays and every second Monday)

Occupational Therapist – Emma Marpole (Wednesday)

By introducing this initiative, we are simply trying to provide convenient therapy for parents.

For further information please contact the front office or see the attached brochure outlining details for the Speech and Occupational Therapists.


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