Research clearly shows that high performing schools pursue an explicit improvement agenda – they know what they want to see improve and they know how they will monitor success. At Infant Jesus School, we are committed to finding ways to improve on current student outcomes. Our ‘A LEADing Learning School’ vision articulates a shared commitment to improvement. We have challenged ourselves to be “A LEADing Learning School”. We believe that this Strategic Intent ties into the Strategic Vision of the system, but more importantly, challenges each of us to be the best we can be, to improve outcomes for our students.

We set our aspiration to provide a world-class Catholic school where there are opportunities for all students, staff and parents to flourish. Our aspiration challenges us as a school to empower leaders, teachers and staff members to rise to the challenges of the 21st Century whilst creating the very best educational environment for our students.

We aim to create a stimulating and engaging learning environment that is underpinned by high expectations and teaching practices to accelerate learning with a differentiated curriculum that is flexible, reflective, relevant and dynamic to meet the diverse needs of our students, staff and community.

Infant Jesus School provides quality teaching and learning programs to ensure that each child’s needs are met, and their gifts and talents are developed. We understand that students develop and learn at different rates and diverse learning needs are addressed within each classroom and supported by a variety of intervention, extension and co-curricular programs. Teachers take responsibility for changes in practice required for students to achieve success. They work in unison with the Support Education Teacher to monitor the effectiveness of their teaching program to improve student outcomes.

iAchieve is a whole school initiative that looks at improving individual and whole school performance.

All children are encouraged to always achieve their best in all learning areas across the school curriculum. The teachers will look at the progress children are making during the year to ensure that they are continually looking for ways that they can improve. iAchieve will be seen in the work in the classroom and in activities outside the class.

This initiative ensures that children in all year levels become highly motivated and life-long learners.


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