Annual School Report

We aspire be A LEADing Learning School that provides opportunities for all students, staff and parents to flourish. In these rapidly changing times we work in partnership to meet the needs of our community. Our nine drivers guide, motivate, challenge and inspire us as we strive to be successful Catholic, nurtured, play-based, motivated, innovative, contemporary, connected, life-long, leaders and learners who look forward to, and are grateful for, the many opportunities that are provided at Infant Jesus School each day. 

In 2021, as we continue to live and work through the COVID-19 Pandemic, we view these times as an opportunity to be grateful and optimistic and maintain, as close as possible, our vision and all our plans. Continuing the ‘We Can Do This’ mindset has enabled a positive perspective and some creative and innovative solutions. At the beginning of the year this included streamlining our communications platforms to Seesaw and SEQTA. This decision was very effective as and also supported all the new families who were able to easily receive all the important information and updates. 

Read the  full 2022 Infant Jesus School Annual Report.


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