Vision for Learning & Teaching

The purpose of education is to prepare people to contribute to society in a meaningful way. At Infant Jesus our goal is to develop a learning community which fosters life-long learning and an attitude which promotes achievement of full potential in an environment embedded in our Gospel values.

Our image of the children is that of a ‘rich child’ who possesses many resources and who has extraordinary potential…“this is a gifted child for whom we have a gifted teacher.”

We believe the child is competent and has the capabilities to be an active constructor of knowledge and is capable of constructing, testing and reconstructing theories which in turn creates new knowledge.

We give the child opportunities to construct his or her knowledge in a democratic relationship with others and provide opportunities for each child to being open to different ways of seeing, since individual knowledge is always partial and provisional.

We create a learning environment where the children are ‘truly alive’ and involved in learning and have the ability, possibility and joy in projecting and exploring their world. We value each child’s strength, energy, intelligence, invention, capacity and creativity. Each child is seen, heard and applauded.

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